Global Consumption of Continuous Glucose Monitoring Device is to Increase Significantly

Global Continuous Glucose Monitoring Device Consumption is to Increase Significantly
Fulfilling its 2016 election commitment, from 1 April 2017 the Government is providing $54 million over five years (2017-2021) to subsidise access to continuous glucose monitoring(CGM) technology for children and young adults under 21 years of age with insulin-dependent type 1 diabetes, and who face additional challenges in managing their diabetes and blood glucose levels. In addition, the Government will simplify the subsidy and remove the co-payment for the Insulin Pump Program. The Government will also implement recommendations from the Stoma Product Assessment Panel for changes to the Stoma Appliance Scheme, and will provide five new product listings, amendments to 12 product listings and eight product deletions.
Australia Glucose Monitoring Devices Market
Children and young people with the disease have to monitor their glucose levels around the clock. While the finger-prick method is effective and accurate, it can be quite a difficult and upsetting process for some children and their parents, with up to 10 tests needed every day – including several times every night.
A continuous glucose monitor (CGM) is a small wearable device that measures glucose levels throughout the day and night. It has alarms to let the user know if glucose levels are getting too low or too high, and what their glucose level is at any time, and whether it is stable or on the way up or down. These devices reduce the frequency of daily finger prick tests. Some models can work in conjunction with a compatible insulin pump while others send information to a CGM receiver or smart phone.
For some families it may require waking a child in the middle of the night or interrupting them during the day at school.In contrast, continuous glucose monitors will alert users or their parents if glucose levels are getting too low without the need for continuous finger prick tests. This helps to reduce stress and anxiety for everyone involved.

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The Turnbull Government has worked collaboratively with expert endocrinologists and paediatricians and diabetes educators, as well as Diabetes Australia, the DANII Foundation, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and the Pharmacy Guild of Australia.
To access continuous glucose monitors products children and young adults will need to consult with an authorised health professional, who will assess the patient’s suitability against specific eligibility criteria, as part of an overall management plan for diabetes.
Europe's largest economy Germany has also taken a good initiative. The Germany’s Ministry of Health approved the reimbursement change that provides alarms and alerts about glucose levels. Dexcom Inc. won reimbursement coverage for its continuous glucose monitoring systems through Germany’s Federal Joint Committee. Dexcom CGM Systems are now accessible and affordable to patients throughout Germany. This ground-breaking technology plays a vital role for people with diabetes who are insulin-dependent, allowing them to self-monitor their condition, manage their glucose levels and reduce risk of severe hyper or hypoglycemic events.
Dexcom’s G5 mobile CGM system and G4 Platinum will be reimbursed by Germany’s Medical Department of the Central Federal Association of Health Insurance Funds, the company said. The company said Germany is the “single largest market in Europe for type 1 and type 2 diabetes.
UK Blood Glucose Monitoring Device Market
Because of Diabetes is considered a "long-term disease" in France, all costs directly linked to diabetes are 100% reimbursed by Social Security.
France Blood Glucose Monitoring Device Market
Sweden has recently taken an initiative to restrict the reimbursement of blood glucose meters and strips. In Spain most of the purchase of medical device purchase happens through tenders and preselected companies are allowed to participate in bidding. In Italy supply of medical devices and consumables are carefully controlled.
Overall in Europe there is no uniform model for reimbursement and it varies country to country, and patients most of the time; have to pay out-of-pocket.
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