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IT Outsourcing Market Research Reports Analysis and Trends

IT Outsourcing is a practice of seeking resources or subcontracting outside of an organizational structure for all or part of Information Technology function. IT Outsourcing is used by an organization for various functions such as infrastructure, software development, maintenance and support.

Outsourcing is nothing but contracting out a business process, for instance, a company may outsource its IT management because it is cheaper to contract a third party rather than building its own in-house IT management team. Or else a company may outsource all of its data storage needs because it does not want to buy and maintain its own data storage devices.

Jobs functions such as telemarketing i.e. call centres, payroll and data entry as some of the outsourcing categories. The companies performing these job functions are well focused and the processes involved in this work are quite streamlined so there is little management needed due to quality control procedures in place.

Need for IT Outsourcing

Due to the economic downturn, companies are looking for ways to save money and increase their profits. Many large companies will mostly outsource certain jobs to companies who specialize in this service. It also reduces the need to hire and train specialized staff, brings in fresh engineering expertise, and reduces capital and operating expenses. For example, two organizations may enter into a contractual agreement involving an exchange of services and payments.

Industry Overview

  • As per the reports, the global software industry is becoming more competitive. A move within US companies to cut overhead costs is also driving growth in the IT outsourcing sector.
  • Due to cloud computing innovation in the global IT outsourcing industry, it continues to grow, which makes the market more accessible for smaller sized outsourcing outfits.
  • US and EU companies outsourcing to the Philippines, and India and Japanese companies are the major business in the global IT outsourcing market.  

IT Outsourcing Industry Current Trends

As per the reports given by SBWire, forecast has been made that the Global Desktop Outsourcing market will grow at a CAGR of 4.66 percent over the period 2011-2015. The need to achieve a reduction in operational time and cost is one of the key factors contributing to this market growth. The Global Desktop Outsourcing market is also witnessing increased impact of desktop virtualization.

Major IT Outsourcing Industry Players

Some of the major IT outsourcing industry players are IBM Global Services, EDS, Computer Science Corp i.e. CSC, Hewlett Packard i.e. HP, Infosys, Wipro, and Tata Consultancy Services i.e. TCS.

Title Published Pages Price
Business Processes Outsourcing Services Market Global Report 2017 Jun 26 2017 125 $3,000.00
Software And BPO Services Market Global Report 2017 Jun 26 2017 250 $4,000.00
The HetNet Ecosystem (Small Cells, Carrier Wi-Fi, C-RAN & DAS): 2017 - 2030 - Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies & Forecasts Jun 19 2017 1000 $2,500.00
IoT Data: Securing the Connected Home Jun 14 2017 52 $3,500.00
Global Healthcare IT Outsourcing Industry Market Research 2017 Jun 13 2017 162 $2,600.00
Election Process Protection: Location Specific Custom Study, Registration, Voting Tallying, and Recommendations Jun 11 2017 129 $4,900.00
Global Knowledge Process Outsourcing Industry Market Research 2017 May 16 2017 165 $2,600.00
Global Connected Living Outlook 2017: Building on the IoT May 15 2017 68 $3,500.00
Fiber Optic Sensors Global Market Forecast & Analysis 2016-2026 May 9 2017 866 $5,990.00
Information Technology (IT) Market Global Briefing 2017 May 8 2017 31 $1,000.00
North America IT Solutions for Integrated Operating Room Market by Manufacturers, Countries, Type and Application, Forecast to 2022 May 5 2017 117 $4,480.00
Global Payroll Outsourcing Services Market 2017-2021 Apr 26 2017 70 $3,500.00
Global Campus Network Switches Industry Market Research 2017 Apr 25 2017 163 $2,600.00
Global Modular Access Routers Industry Market Research 2017 Apr 25 2017 153 $2,600.00
Global Gigabit Ethernet Switches Industry Market Research 2017 Apr 25 2017 154 $2,600.00
Global Power Over Ethernet (POE) Lighting Industry Market Research 2017 Apr 25 2017 148 $2,600.00
Global CRM Analytics Industry Market Research 2017 Apr 25 2017 149 $2,600.00
Global Ethernet Transformer Industry Market Research 2017 Apr 25 2017 159 $2,600.00
Global Industrial Media Converters Industry Market Research 2017 Apr 25 2017 156 $2,600.00
Voice Assistants and Technologies: Ecosystem and Market Leaders Mar 15 2017 39 $3,500.00
Market Research on Backpack in China 2016-2021 Mar 7 2017 50 $3,500.00
Global FinTech Marketplace: Technologies, Applications, and Services 2017 - 2022 Mar 2 2017 114 $1,995.00
United States Business Cloud Storage Market Report 2017 Feb 13 2017 124 $3,800.00
Global Construction Equipment Finance Market Size, Status and Forecast 2022 Feb 10 2017 92 $3,300.00
Global Catastrophe Insurance Market Size, Status and Forecast 2022 Feb 10 2017 94 $3,300.00
Global E-commerce Logistics Market Size, Status and Forecast 2022 Feb 10 2017 96 $3,300.00
Global PV System EPC Installer Market Size, Status and Forecast 2022 Feb 10 2017 117 $3,300.00
Global Motorcycle Rental Market Size, Status and Forecast 2022 Feb 10 2017 99 $3,300.00
Global Oil Spill Management Market Size, Status and Forecast 2022 Feb 10 2017 105 $3,300.00
Global Shadow Banking Market Size, Status and Forecast 2022 Feb 10 2017 95 $3,300.00

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