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Global Digital Marketing Market - 2014

Global Digital Marketing Market - 2014

Date Published: Sep 20 2014

This report provides an insight into the Global Digital Marketing current market scenario, structure and practices.

In depth market scenario includes;
- Market estimate of Global Digital Marketing for FY14
- Digital Marketing Spend by Users
- Digital Marketing Budgets
- Worldwide Mobile Internet ad Spends
- Digital Marketing Trends
- Future Market projections for 5 years

Market data and analytics are derived from a combination of primary and secondary sources.

Digital Advertising: Market Opportunities and Forecast 2013-2018

Digital Advertising: Market Opportunities and Forecast 2013-2018

Date Published: Dec 30 2013

Digital advertising methods have made a substantial impact on traditional media and advertising in recent years. Advancement of technologies and consumer preferences, such as handheld device usage, social media, and online news, is driving marketers to choose digital media platforms. This is causing a huge dislocation for traditional media, which is particularly hard hitting to print and TV based advertising. Digital is cost effective and facilitates quick responsive, a combination that equates to diminishing market share for traditional advertising.

Next Generation Mobile Marketing: Location, Social Commerce, and Augmented Reality

Next Generation Mobile Marketing: Location, Social Commerce, and Augmented Reality

Date Published: Jan 17 2013
The accelerated global spending growth on mobile ad campaigns during the last five years is likely a function of three critical areas that we will examine more closely throughout this report: Mobile Devices, Mobile Technology/Access, and Marketing Savvy.
Mobile Marketing in India 2012

Mobile Marketing in India 2012

Date Published: Jun 18 2012
India houses 811.6 mn mobile subscribers. This huge subscriber base is split in 66:34 between rural and urban users respectively. With growing adoption of mobile devices across the varied levels of consumers, mobile as a medium for marketing and promotion provides the maximum reach in the country. Country where mobile penetration is higher than PC penetration, mobile as a digital media is most promising for marketing and promotion. India with the huge mobile subscriber base ensures better outcome with marketing activities.
Video Value Chain

Video Value Chain 2012 - 2014

Date Published: Jan 10 2012

The online and mobile video value chain (comprising CDN, integrated video platforms, full service advertising networks, ad serving platforms, auctions and exchanges) produced a combined $4.3 billion in top line revenue in 2011, an increase of 45% over 2010.

Double-digit revenue growth of 30% annually projected across all value chain sectors yields a $10 billion marketby 2014.

CDN Business Transformation and Market Analytics 2012-2014

CDN Business Transformation and Market Analytics 2012-2014

Date Published: Dec 13 2011

U.S.-based CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) are tenaciously adapting their technologies, services, account and business strategiesto addressnew markets of opportunity,concurrently improving top line revenue by 17.7% in 2011 to $1.86 billion, an estimated 65% of the global total.

Integrated Video Optimization Solutions 2007-2014

Integrated Video Optimization Solutions 2007-2014

Date Published: Jun 7 2011

The report, Integrated Video Optimization Solutions 2007 - 2014, analyzes multiple categories of media optimization services, encompassing end-to-end providers Brightcove, Ooyala, KIT Digital, Kaltura, Limelight Video Platform, thePlatform, MobiTV, Move Networks and others. The indexing, metadata, tracking and media measurement segment comprise specialists such as Auditude, Digitalsmiths, BayTSP and RAMP.The media processing, encoding and transcoding section provides detailed analysis of Sorensen Media,, Origin Digital and Anvato.


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