Tourism Industry in Egypt Show Signs of Recovery

Tourism Industry in Egypt Shows Signs of Recovery
Egyptian tourism industry involves 70 sub-industries. Travel and tourism constituted the sixth largest source of foreign currency with total contribution of USD 2.6 billion in revenue. 
The number of tourists visited Egypt from January 2017 till November registered 7.5 million, marking a 54.7% increase compared to the same period in 2016, according to data released by the Egyptian government. Tourist arrivals are on an increasing trend, yet the number is still well below the peak of 14.5 million.
According to Egypt’s Tourism Satellite Account (TSA 2014, the employment in tourism stood at 1.8 million individuals, representing 6.3% of the total labour force and 7.2% of total employment in Egypt. Around 74% of employees in tourism are full-time with 26% working on a temporary basis or part-time. In 2016 Travel & Tourism directly supported 773,000 jobs (2.9% of total employment). This is expected to fall by 8.4% in 2017 and rise by 4.3% pa to 1,081,000 jobs (3.2% of total employment) in 2027.
Travel and Tourism in Egypt : Industry Facts
Egypt Tourism Facts:
•  Attract 20 million international arrivals,
•  Raise the average tourist expenditure per night by 50%,
•  Increase Egypt’s share of world tourism to 1.5%,
•  Double Egypt’s share of Arab tourism,
•  Raise tourism revenues to USD 20 billion,
•  Attract USD 10 billion of new foreign direct investment in tourism.

The Signs of Recovery:

Arrivals of tourists are now increasing, yet the number is still way behind the peak of 14.5 million tourists in 2010. Inbound tourism dropped to 5.3 million tourists in 2016 from around 9.3 million tourists in 2015, following the Russian Metrojet crash in October 2015 and the travel ban subsequently imposed by both Russia and the United Kingdom.

Eearlt this year Russian transport minister Maxim Sokolov announced flights between Moscow and Cairo could restart by early February on both EgyptAir and Aeroflot, the Russian carrier. The ban, however, would not lifted on flights to the popular Red Sea resort of Sharm El-Sheikh, but it is expected to end soon. 
Ongoing FIFA world cup could also be a boon for Egyptian tourism industry. Acooriding to a article of  Al-Monitor , Egypt’s parliamentary Human Rights Committee, Issam Farouk, submitted a proposal May 3 to Prime Minister Sherif Ismail, Minister of Youth and Sports Khaled Abdel Aziz and Egyptian Football Association head Hany Abo Rida asking them to post photos of the most famous Egyptian Pharaonic tourist sites on the plane and bus carrying the Egyptian national team, and pushing for cooperation among all state institutions to advertise and promote tourism to Egypt in Russia. This could be golden chance for Egypt to revive its ailing economy by promoting international tourism to Egypt.
Egypt is expecting to have footfall of around 1 million Christian pilgrims provided  Egypt showed these visitors hospitality and ensured them a trouble-free stay, they could give Egypt the best publicity when they head back home.

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