Industry Risk Analysis

Risk is a timebound phenomenon and can be described as the likelihood of a specific effect within a specified period. Industry risk is often considered contagious, as Industry-wide risks often impact one company after another, within an entire industry. We have divided Risks in 3 broad categories:
Policy Risk: Flip-flops in policy add uncertainties to business. Consistent business policy could avert risk in right time, consistent here does not mean stagnant policies. Business policies need to be aligned according to market sentiment, government and international market. Policy risk will chalk out the risk associated with business and strategic decisions. Policy risk in broad manner cover risks such as; Competitive Risk, Economic Risk, Operational Risk, Compliance Risk, Legal Risk, Strategy Risk, Political Risk and Country Risks. 
Financial Risk : In situations where a company’s cash flow is not adequate to meet its debt obligation, financial risk occurs. Under these circumstances shareholders or other financial stakeholders will lose money invested in company. Financial risks will cover these scenarios prevailing in industry. Financial risk in broad manner cover risks such as; Credit Risk, Budget Risk, Liquidity Risk, Exchange Rate Risk, Interest Rate Risk, Stock Market Risk and Taxation Risk.
Technological Risk: Technology risk is the potential for losses due to technology shortfalls. This includes the potential for project failures, operational disruption and information security events. Technological risk covers Cyber/Information Security Risk, IT Asset Management Risk, Infrastructure Risk, Security Audit Risk, Legacy Technology Risk and Innovation Risk.
Title Published Pages Price
Global Pharmaceuticals Market Risk Analysis Mar 14 2019 43 USD 350.00
Global Tire Market Risk Analysis Nov 15 2018 34 USD 450.00
Risk Analysis of Global Space Mining Market Aug 27 2018 27 USD 450.00

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