Global Railways Industry Market Research Reports

Global Railways Industry Market Research Reports, Analysis & Trends


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Opportunity in the Indian Railway Wagons Market - 2013

Opportunity in the Indian Railway Wagons Market - 2014

Date Published: Jan 17 2014

This report provides an insight into the Indian Railway Wagons current market scenario, structure and practices.

In depth market scenario includes;
- Current market size estimates
- Market splits by players
- Market splits by players - Top companies
- Market splits by product categories - Open Top, Covered, Hopper, Container flat, Container tank
- Market splits by end user segments

Poland: rail wagons market

Poland: rail wagons market

Date Published: Jan 15 2014

This report presents a comprehensive overview of the rail wagons market in Poland and its state as of January 2014. It provides detailed analysis of the industry, its dynamics and structure.

Rail Transport Market in India 2012

Rail Transport Market in India 2012

Date Published: Jun 28 2012
Growth in international trade provides huge impetus to the growth in container rail market. Indian Railways earns the lions share from rail freight revenue owing to its dynamic tariff policy. With the privatization of the container rail service, rail freight gains popularity providing further scope for capturing higher market share.

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