The M2M Bible - Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies, Industry Verticals and Forecasts: 2013 - 2018

M2M, Wireless, LTE, Mobile Broadband, Mobile Devices, Cellular Networks, Mobile Network Operators, Telecom Regulation, Energy


Publication ID
Publication Date
February 11, 2013
Regions Covered
Signals and Systems Telecom
Despite its low ARPU, the wireless M2M market has become a key focus of many mobile network operators as their traditional voice and data markets become saturated. Likewise, government and regulatory initiatives such as the EU initiatives to have a smart meter penetration level of 80% by 2020 and the mandatory inclusion of automotive safety systems such as eCall in all new car models, have also helped to drive overall wireless M2M connections and revenue. 
Consequently we expect the wireless M2M market to account for nearly $136 billion in revenues by the end of 2018, following a CAGR of 23% during the five year period between 2013 and 2018. Eyeing this lucrative opportunity, vendors and service providers across the highly fragmented M2M value chain have become increasing innovative in their strategies and technology offerings which have given rise to a number of submarkets such as M2M Network Security, Connected Device Platforms (CDP) and M2M Application Platforms. 
This report presents an in-depth assessment of the global wireless M2M market. In addition to covering the business case, the challenges, the industry’s roadmap, value chain analysis, deployment case studies, and the vertical market ecosystem, vendor service/product strategies and strategic recommendations, the report also presents comprehensive forecasts for the wireless M2M market from 2013 till 2018, including an individual assessment of the following submarkets: Network Connectivity, Application Services, Embedded Cellular M2M Modules, Network Security, Connected Device Platforms (CDP), Application Platforms (Application Enablement Platforms, AEP and Application Development Platforms, ADP), Integration Services and Enabling Technologies, across six regions. 
Also provided are network connectivity and application service revenue forecasts for the following 6 vertical market segments: Utilities & Smart Grid, Automotive & Transportation, Logistics, Public Safety, Security & Surveillance, Retail & Vending and Healthcare. Historical figures are also provided for 2011 and 2012. The report comes with an associated XLS datasheet covering quantitative data from all figures presented within the report.

Key Findings:

The report has the following key findings:
  • The wireless M2M market will account for nearly $136 billion in annual revenues by the end of 2018, following a CAGR of 23% during the five year period between 2013 and 2018
  • At present, the M2M value chain is highly fragmented with module OEMs, hardware solution providers, application platform providers, device platform providers, and mobile network operators and aggregators/MVNOs all investing across multiple segments of the value chain, whilst still maintaining a key focus on a specific portion
  • Signals and Systems Telecom expects the value chain to consolidate in the future, with a smaller number of larger and profitable competitors across the M2M value chain
  • The growing presence of wireless M2M solutions within the sensitive critical infrastructure industry is having a profound impact on M2M network security services, a market estimated to reach nearly $1 billion in annual spending by the end of 2018
  • Driven by demands for device management, cloud based data analytics and diagnostic tools, M2M software platforms (including CDP, AEP and ADP) are expected to account for $6 billion in annual spending by the end of 2018

Key Questions Answered:

The report answers to the following key questions:
  • What are the key market drivers and challenges in the wireless M2M ecosystem?
  • What are the key applications of M2M across industry verticals?
  • How is the M2M value chain structured, how will it evolve overtime, and what will be its impact on key vertical segments of the market?
  • What opportunities does M2M technology offer to mobile network operators and other players involved in the value chain? 
  • What strategies should mobile network operators/MVNOs, module vendors, hardware solution providers, software platform providers and other players adopt to capitalize on the M2M opportunity?
  • How big is the M2M opportunity, and how much revenue will the industry generate in 2018?
  • What will be the installed base of wireless M2M connections in 2018?
  • Which geographical regions and industry verticals offer the greatest growth potential for M2M services?
  • What is the vendor market share embedded cellular M2M modules, how many units will ship in 2018 and how will declining ASPs impact the sales revenue?
  • How will embedded cellular M2M module shipments vary by air interface technology overtime, and will LTE take a lead in 2018?
  • What is the network connectivity and application service ARPU for M2M services, and how will this vary overtime for each industry vertical?
  • How big is the market for M2M network security and software platforms?
The report covers the following topics:
  • M2M technology and architecture
  • Market drivers and key benefits of wireless M2M
  • Challenges and Inhibitors to the wireless M2M Ecosystem
  • Wireless M2M standardization Initiatives
  • Wireless M2M opportunities, use cases and applications across industry verticals
  • Wireless M2M deployment case studies
  • Industry, mobile network operator and vendor commitments to M2M
  • Wireless M2M industry roadmap: 2013 – 2018
  • Wireless M2M value chain assessment
  • Key trends in the M2M ecosystem: acquisitions, evolving requirements, business models, cloud based analytics, network security, impact of LTE, IPv6, module costs and price elasticity
  • Profiles, market positioning assessment (current strategy, target market and products/services) and strategic recommendations for: embedded cellular module vendors, hardware solution providers, MVNOs/M2M connectivity aggregators, cloud based AEP and ADP providers, CDP providers, Wireless/IT industry incumbents and mobile network operators

Market analysis and forecasts for the M2M industry’s revenue and network connections:

  • Wireless M2M industry revenue forecast by region and submarkets
  • Wireless M2M connections forecast by region, technology and industry verticals
  • Wireless M2M network connectivity submarket revenue and ARPU forecast by region and industry vertical
  • Wireless M2M application services submarket revenue and ARPU forecast by region and industry vertical
  • Embedded cellular M2M modules submarket shipments, revenue and ASP forecast by region, technology, industry vertical and vendor
  • Wireless M2M network security submarket revenue forecast by region
  • Wireless M2M Connected Device Platform (CDP) submarket revenue forecast by region
  • Wireless M2M application platform (AEP, ADP) submarket revenue forecast by region
  • Wireless M2M Integration services submarket revenue forecast by region
  • Wireless M2M enabling technology submarket revenue forecast by region
  • Wireless M2M vertical market revenue by industry vertical

Submarket forecasts are categorized in the following 8 categories:

  • Network Connectivity
  • Application Services
  • Embedded Cellular M2M Modules
  • Network Security
  • Connected Device Platforms (CDP)
  • Application Platforms (Application Enablement Platforms, AEP and Application Development Platforms, ADP
  • Integration Services
  • Enabling Technology

Technology forecasts are categorized in the following 6 categories:

  • CDMA-2000/EV-DO
  • WiMAX
  • LTE
  • Others (ZigBee, WiFi, Short Range Wireless)

Ind​ustry vertical forecasts are categorized in the following 7 categories:

  • Utilities & Smart Grid
  • Automotive & Transportation
  • Logistics
  • Public Safety, Security & Surveillance
  • Retail & Vending
  • Healthcare
  • Others

Regional forecasts are categorized in the following 6 categories

  • North America
  • Asia Pacific
  • Western Europe
  • Eastern Europe
  • Latin & Central America
  • Middle East & Africa
  1. 3GPP
  2. 4Home
  3. 4M wireless
  4. 7 Layers
  5. 8ta
  6. A1 Telekom
  7. ABB Power & Robotics
  8. Accenture
  9. Aeris Communications
  10. Aeroscout
  11. Agri-Valley Broadband
  12. Air Products
  13. Aircell
  14. AIS - TOT
  15. Al Madar
  16. Alaska Communications
  17. Alcatel Lucent
  18. Algar Telecom
  19. Alien Technology
  20. Alliance for Telecommunications, Industry Solutions (ATIS)
  21. Amadeus
  22. Amazon
  23. Andorra Telecom
  24. Antel
  25. Appalachian Wireless
  26. Apple
  27. APS
  28. Arduino
  29. Arkessa
  30. ARM Holdings
  31. Armentel
  32. Arqiva
  33. Arrayent
  34. Asiaspace
  35. Association of Radio Industries
  36. AT&T
  37. AT&T Mobility
  38. Atos Origin SA
  39. Augere
  40. Augusta Systems
  41. Avea
  42. AVIDwireless
  43. Axeda 
  44. Axeda Corporation
  45. Bakrie Telecom
  46. Base Telecom
  47. Batelco
  48. Bayan Telecommunications
  49. BayRICS
  50. Beeline
  51. Belgacome
  52. Bell Mobility
  53. BeST
  54. Best Buy
  55. Bharti Airtel
  56. Bite
  57. Bluegrass Cellular
  58. BMW
  59. Bosch
  60. Bouygues Telecom
  61. BSNL
  62. BTC
  63. Businesses and the Telecommunication Technology Committee of Japan
  64. C Spire Wireless
  65. CalAmp
  66. Call Me
  67. Camelot Group 
  68. CardioNet
  69. Carolina West Wireless
  70. Cell C
  71. Cellcom
  72. Cellular South
  73. Centrica
  74. CenturyTel
  76. Chariton Valley Comms
  77. Chess Communication
  78. China Communications Standards Association (CCSA)
  79. China Mobile
  80. China Telecom
  81. China Unicom
  82. Chunghwa Telecom
  83. Cinterion
  84. Cisco
  85. Claro
  86. Clear Mobitel
  87. Clearwire
  88. Cobra
  89. Cognovo
  90. Commnet Wireless
  91. Comtrol
  92. Connect One
  93. Connected Development
  94. Connected Solutions
  95. Continental
  96. Convergence Technologies
  97. Coronis
  98. Cosmote
  99. Cross Telephone
  100. CSL Limited
  101. Custer Telephone
  102. DataOnline
  103. DataRemote
  104. Datatrade
  105. Dedicado
  106. Deloitte
  107. Deutsche Telecom
  108. Dialog Axiata
  109. Digi International
  110. Dish Network
  111. DNA
  112. DPC/AIS
  113. Du
  114. Dust Networks
  115. E Plus
  116. Echelon
  117. eDevice
  118. Eesti Telekon
  119. ei3
  120. Elisa
  121. Ember
  122. Emobile
  123. EMT
  124. Energy Australia Ausgrid
  125. Enfora
  126. Entel Movil
  127. Entel PCS
  128. ERA/T Mobile
  129. Ericsson
  130. Esprida
  131. Etex Telephone Co-op
  132. Etherios
  133. Etisalat
  134. European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI)
  135. Eurotech
  136. Everything Everywhere
  137. Feeney Wireless
  138. Fitel
  139. FPT Telecom
  140. G4S
  141. Gemalto 
  142. General Electric (GE)
  143. General Motors
  144. Geocell
  145. Glo Mobile
  146. Global Mobile
  147. Global Smart Services
  148. Globalstar
  149. Globe
  150. Google
  151. GSMA
  152. H3G
  153. Halebop
  154. Hertz 
  155. Honeywell
  156. HSBC
  157. Huawei
  158. Hughes Telematics
  159. Hutchison Three
  160. IBM
  161. ICE
  162. IEEE
  163. ILS Technology
  164. iMetrik Solutions
  165. Indosat
  166. Ingenico
  167. Inilex
  168. Inmarsat
  169. Intel
  170. Iridium
  171. Itron
  172. iWOW
  173. Janus Remote Communications
  174. Jasper Wireless
  175. Kcell
  176. KDDI
  177. Kordia
  178. KORE Telematics
  179. KPN
  180. KT
  181. Laird Technologies
  182. Landis & Gyr
  183. Lantronix
  184. Lattelecom
  185. Leap Wireless / Cricket
  186. Leica 
  187. LG
  188. LG U+
  189. Libelium
  190. LifeScan
  191. LightSquared
  192. LMT
  193. Logica
  194. Lufthansa Systems
  195. M1
  196. M20 City
  197. M2M Communications
  198. M2M DataSmart
  199. M2M Wireless
  200. Magticom
  201. Manitwoc
  202. Marvell
  203. Maxis
  204. MegaFon
  205. MEMSIC
  206. Metrik Solutions
  207. MetroPCS
  208. Microchip Technology
  209. Millenial Net
  210. Mobikom Austria
  211. Mobily
  212. Mobinil
  213. Mobistar
  214. Mobitel
  215. Mobyland and CentreNet
  216. Mocana
  217. Moldcell
  218. Monaco Telecom
  219. Morey
  220. Mosaic Telecom
  221. Motorola Mobility
  222. Motorola Solutions
  223. Movicel
  224. Movistar
  225. MOXA
  226. MTC
  227. M-Tel
  228. MTN
  229. MTNL
  230. MTS
  231. MTS Allstream
  232. MTS-Ukraine
  233. Multi-Tech Systems
  234. National Information Technology Standardization (NITS) Technical Committee
  235. NBN Co
  236. Ncell
  237. NEC
  238. NeoConsult
  239. Neoway
  240. Nestlé Nespresso
  241. NetCom
  242. Neul
  243. New Jersey State Police Department (NJSP) 
  244. NextGenTel
  245. NextM2M
  246. Nintendo
  247. Nokia Siemens Networks
  248. Norse Pipeline LLC
  249. Northwest Cell
  250. Novatel Wireless
  251. nPhase
  252. NTT DoCoMo
  253. Numerex
  254. O2 Secure Wireless
  255. OAO Voentelecom
  256. Oi
  257. Omnilink Systems
  258. Omnitel
  259. Open mobile
  260. Open Mobile Alliance
  261. Optus
  262. Oracle
  263. Orange (France Telecom)
  264. Orange Armenia
  265. Orange Business Services
  266. Orange Healthcare
  267. ORBCOMM
  268. P1 Networks
  269. PA Consulting Group
  270. Palantiri Systems
  271. Panasonic
  272. Panhandle Telephone Co-op
  273. PCCW
  274. Pedigree Technologies
  275. Peoples Telephone Co-op
  276. Perle Systems
  277. Personal
  278. Piltel
  279. Pioneer Cellular
  280. Plextek Group
  281. Praxair
  282. Precidia Technologies
  283. Proteus Biomedical
  284. PSA
  285. Public Service Wireless
  286. Qtel
  287. Qualcomm
  288. Qualcomm India
  289. Qualcomm Life Inc
  290. Qualcomm Wireless Health
  291. Quectel
  292. RACO Wireless
  293. RasGas
  294. Raspberry Pi
  295. Red Bend Software
  296. Redtail Telematics
  297. Reliance
  298. Respironics
  299. RF Code Inc.
  300. RF Monolithics
  301. Rogers 
  302. Rogers Wireless
  303. Romec
  304. Rostelecom
  305. S and R Communications
  306. S&T Telephone Cooperative
  307. Safaricom
  308. Sagemcom
  310. Sao Paulo Military Police
  311. Sasktel
  312. Saudi Aramco
  313. Savi Technology
  314. Schlage
  315. SENA Technologies
  316. SensorLogic
  317. SFR
  318. Siemens Water
  319. Sierra Wireless
  320. SIGFOX
  321. Sigma Designs
  322. SIMcom
  323. SingTel
  324. Sixnet
  325. SK Telecom
  326. Sky Brazil
  327. SkyBitz 
  328. SkyTel
  329. Smart Communications
  330. Smartone Vodafone
  331. Softbank Mobile
  332. Sonaecom Sony
  333. SpeedConnect
  334. SpiceNepal
  335. Sprint
  336. Starcomms
  337. Starhub
  338. STC
  339. Strata Networks
  340. Sunrise
  341. Swisscom
  342. Synchronoss Technologies
  343. T Mobile
  344. T Mobile Slovensko
  345. T Mobile USA
  346. Tcell
  347. TDC
  348. TelaSonera
  349. Telcel
  350. Tele2
  351. Tele2 Sweden
  352. Telecom Italia
  353. Telecom NZ
  354. Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA)
  355. Telecommunications Technology Association of Korea
  356. Telefonica
  357. Telefónica
  358. Telefónica's O2 UK
  359. Telekom Austria
  360. Telenet
  361. Telenor
  362. Telenor Connexion
  363. Telenor Magyarorszag
  364. Telenor Objects
  365. Telenor Sweden
  366. Telia
  367. TeliaSonera
  368. Telit
  369. Telit Wireless Solutions
  370. Telkomsel
  371. Telogis
  372. Telstra
  373. Telular
  374. TELUS Mobility
  375. Telvent
  376. Tendril Networks
  377. Teo LT
  378. Texas Energy Network
  379. Texas Instruments
  380. ThingMagic
  381. Three Denmark
  382. Three Italia
  383. Three UK
  384. T-Hrvatski Telekom
  385. Thumb Cellular
  386. Tikona Digital
  387. TMN
  388. T-Mobile
  389. TomTom
  390. Transatel
  391. Triatel
  392. Tridium
  393. Trimble
  394. True Move
  395. Tunisiana
  396. Turkcell
  397. Tyntec
  398. U Mobile
  399. U.S. Preventative Medicine
  400. U-blox
  401. UCell
  402. UK Broadband
  403. UME EPM
  404. United Wireless
  405. Unitel
  406. US Cellular
  407. UTC Power
  408. V2COM
  409. VDC
  410. Veolia Water
  411. Verifone
  412. VeriSign
  413. Verizon
  414. Verizon Wireless
  415. VHA
  416. Videotron
  417. Viettel
  418. Vimpelcom
  419. VimpleCom
  420. VIPNet
  421. Viva Bahrain
  422. Viva Cell-MTS
  423. Vivid Wireless
  424. Vodacom
  425. Vodafone
  426. Vodafone New Zealand
  427. Vodafone Portugal
  428. Vodafone Qatar
  429. VolvoZelitron
  430. Vox
  431. Wavecom
  432. WBS
  433. WebTech Wireless
  434. WiFI Alliance
  435. WiMAX Forum
  436. Wind
  437. Wind Mobile
  438. Wipro
  439. Wireless Logic
  440. Woosh
  441. Wyless
  442. Wyless Group
  443. Xact Technology
  444. XL Axiata
  445. Xplorenet
  446. Yoigo
  447. Yota
  448. Zain
  449. Ziggo4
  450. ZTE
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