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China Swine Vaccine Market Analysis Report

China Swine Vaccine Market Analysis Report

Date Published: Jan 20 2013

Research Background
By 2011, the swine output in China has increased from 2006's 610 million heads to 660 million heads. Meanwhile, the proportion of scaled swine farming is also expanding gradually.
In recent years, the sales value of animal health products in China has been increasing with an annual growth rate of 15-17%. Currently, the sales value of bioproducts for swine is about
1.8-2.0 billion RMB/year, accounting for about 37% of bioproducts sales value and about 7%

Research Report on Application of Antibiotics in China Animal Husbandry Industry

Research Report on Application of Antibiotics in China Animal Husbandry Industry

Date Published: Jun 10 2013
Antibiotics is a type of drug with restrain and kill effects to bacteria, viruses and parasites. Antibiotics is widely used in animal husbandry and feed industry, playing an important role in preventing and treating disease, improving feed efficiency and promoting animal growth.
Research Report on Dairy Cattle Vaccine Market in China

Research Report on Dairy Cattle Vaccine Market in China

Date Published: Jun 15 2013
In the past few years, dairy farming has been developing rapidly in China. Especially dairy farms above 100 head inventory have been established in large number. Simultaneously, the farming models like dairy farming community and dairy cooperative also presented good performance. In 2012, China dairy cattle inventory reached 14.2 million heads, among which 25% are covered by farms with inventory of over 500 heads.
VETERINARY PRACTICES (Nordic) - Industry Report

VETERINARY PRACTICES (Nordic) - Industry Report

Date Published: Feb 1 2014

Plimsoll’s VETERINARY PRACTICES (Nordic) analysis is the most definitive and accurate study of the VETERINARY PRACTICES (Nordic) sector in 2014.

The report is split into two sections and uses both a written and graphical analysis – analysing the 130 largest VETERINARY PRACTICES (Nordic) companies.

The VETERINARY PRACTICES (Nordic) report contains the most-up-to-date financial data and Plimsoll applies these figures to create their unique and authoritative analysis.


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