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Leading Global Motorcycle Infotainment Vendors and Products

Leading Global Motorcycle Infotainment Vendors and Products

The global average price of Motorcycle Infotainment System is in the decreasing trend, from 381 USD/Unit in 2011 to 369 USD/Unit in 2015.

The worldwide market for Motorcycle Infotainment System is expected to grow at a CAGR of roughly 12.9% over the next five years, will reach 320 million US$ in 2023, from 150 million US$ in 2017, according to a new Motorcycle Infotainment Market Research Report. The classification of Motorcycle Infotainment System includes Two-wheeler Motorcycles and Trikes. And the proportion of Two-wheeler Motorcycles in 2015 is about 84.4%. The Trikes in 2015 is about 15.6%.

North America region is the largest supplier of Motorcycle Infotainment System, with a production market share nearly 62.8% in 2015. Europe is the second largest supplier of Motorcycle Infotainment System, enjoying production market share nearly 24.1% in 2015.

Leading Global Motorcycle Infotainment Vendors and Products

  1. Clarion – Clarion is known for high quality Marine Audio Systems, amplifiers, sub-woofers and RF remote controls. These speakers generally come with speaker grilles and mounting hardware.

  2. Alpine Electronics: Alpine offers ranges of devices from speakers, amplifiers to RF remote controls which can perfectly gel with smartphone and easily mountable on bikes and trikes.

  3. Bosch: Bosch’s Motorcycle Infotainment empowered riders to ever-informed in a rider-friendly way. The technology enables to access a wide range of information via display cluster on two-wheelers and powersports by connecting smartphone, cloud, 3rd party’s accessories and vehicle. The smartphone integration solution mySPIN provides an intuitive and safe access to apps and smartphone content while riding.

  4. Continental: Continental offers MultiViu® Sports5 a TFT technology-platform, where customer specific variants can be derived from. Also offers Blind Spot Detection (BSD) technology to track a vehicle approaching rapidly from behind in the left-hand lane or in the blind spot next to the motorcycle.  Continental offers easy entertainment and information control for distortion-free intercommunication. With Connectivity Box and corresponding infrastructure, continental has created a reliable system that can provide the eCall service in case of an emergency. The eCall stands for an automatic in-vehicle emergency call system. It can be triggered manually or automatically in case of a serious accident.

  5. Garmin: Garmin® have launched zūmo® 590LM, a rugged motorcycle navigator with connected infotainment features. The navigation has a 5-inch touchscreen display that is glove-friendly, fuel-resistant and sunlight-readable. Zūmo 590LM's advanced navigation features and infotainment options to keep riders connected on the road. The portable navigator also includes a MP3 player and is iPhone®, iPod® and Pandora® compatible, allowing riders to control music right on its display.

  6. HARMAN International: HARMAN has collaborated with Yamaha to launch the all-new Star Venture trans-continental touring motorcycle featuring HARMAN infotainment. Currently available only in North American market, the bike will feature HARMAN infotainment and navigation technologies to create a true grand-touring motorcycle suitable for the 21st century. Designed with a focus on functionality, industrial design and UI, the infotainment system features a high-resolution seven-inch touch screen display mounted in the cockpit of the bike.

  7. TomTom International: TomTom offers TomTom Rider a satellite-based navigation system has built in Wi-Fi® and rugged, the smart motorcycle satellite navigation lets riders personalise their own adventures. Riders can use Siri or Google Now™ to unlock the full use of smartphone via voice while they ride, meaning it can read out and reply to messages, make calls, play music, and much more. While not on a call, the headset lets rider hear directions to navigate while keeping eyes on the road.

  8. Harley-Davidson : HD's Boom! Box™ GTS infotainment system interface offers a unique experience to riders, available for Harley-Davidson Touring and Trike motorcycles. The Boom! Box GTS system has contemporary look, feel and function of the latest mobile devices and tablets, with durability and features designed specifically for motorcycling, along with Apple CarPlay compatibility and hands-free voice recognition. HD has worked in details on every element which is being optimized to enhance the rider’s interaction with the motorcycle and connectivity with the world to ultimately improve the motorcycle touring experience. Newsletter Subscription

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