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World’s Top Automotive Paint and Coating Manufacturers

World’s Top Automotive Paint and Coating Manufacturers
Automotive Paint & Coating Market is mainly dominated by PPG, BASF, Axalta Coating Systems, Nippon and Kansai, and these companies occupied ~74.0% market share.

China, Japan, Germany, US are major consumption regions in Automotive Paint & Coating production market. The worldwide market for Automotive Paint & Coating is expected to grow at a CAGR of roughly 4.02% over the next five years, will reach approximately USD 11.2 Billion in 2022.
Automotive Paint & Coating Market - Top Manufacturers
  1. PPG Industries, Inc., manufactures and distributes a broad range of paints, coatings and specialty materials. PPG was incorporated in Pennsylvania in 1883. PPG's net sales in 2017 were USD 14.8 billion, up 3% from the prior year, driven primarily by higher sales volumes and acquisition-related sales.  PPG's industrial coating segments which covers automotive segment has USD 6.01 Billion revenue in 2017. PPG’s automotive OEM coatings sales volumes increased by a low-single-digit percentage versus the prior year, consistent with the global automotive industry production growth rate, led by China, Mexico, Europe and Brazil. Sales volumes declined in the U.S. and Canada, partially reflecting fewer automotive new builds.
  2. BASF was incorporated in Baden, Germany in 1865. BASF's net sales in 2017 were Euro 64.4 billion. BASF puts automotive coating and paints section in the Functional Materials & Solutions segment. BASF bundles system solutions, services and innovative products for specific sectors and customers, especially the automotive, electrical, chemical and construction industries, as well as applications for household, sports and leisure. BASF coating segments has Euro 3.9 Billion revenue in 2017.
  3. Axalta Coating Systems Ltd are a leading global manufacturer, marketer and distributor of high-performance coatings systems. Company operates in two operating segments, Performance Coatings and Transportation Coatings. Axalta's net sales in 2017 were USD 4.3 billion. Through Performance Coatings segment, company provides high-quality liquid and powder coatings solutions to a fragmented and local customer base. Through Transportation Coatings segment, company provides advanced coating technologies to OEMs of light and commercial vehicles.
  4. Nippon Paint Holdings Co., Ltd. is a Japanese paint and coating manufacturing company. Nippon Paint is the seventh largest paint manufacturer globally and 4th largest automotive paint company based on revenue. China was the major market for automotive paints, as number of vehicles manufactured in 2017 have been increased in comparison to previous year. Other than China and Japan, revenue from Europe also grown. Nippon's net sales in 2017 were 605,252 Million Yen. Nippon Paint automotive coating segments has 148,377 Million Yen revenue in 2017.
  5. Kansai Paint Co., Ltd. operates in four segments namely; Automotive coatings, Decorative coatings, Industrial coatings, Marine and protective coatings. Kansai Paint operates three automotive paint plants from its headquarters in Osaka, Japan and is the leading supplier of automotive coatings to Toyota, Suzuki, Nissan, Honda, Peugeot and Renault worldwide. Kansai's net sales in 2017 were 401.9 billion Yen. Kansai Paint's automotive coating segments has 112.5 billion Yen revenue in 2017.
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