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Top Smart Glass Manufacturers in World and Market Forecast

Leading Smart Glass Manufacturers in World
The global smart glass market is dominated by American and European manufacturers. When SoftBank Vision Fund invested $1.1 billion in a Vision Inc, it is a clear signal that the market is about to grow in the near future.

Leading Smart Glass Manufacturers in World:

  1. Saint Gobain
  2. View Inc.
  3. Corning Inc.
  4. Gentex Corporation
  5. AGC Inc.
  6. Polytronix Inc.
  7. Vision Systems
Top Smart Glass Manufacturer in World

Polytronix, Inc. defines - "Smart Glass are special glasses which varies its light transmission properties under light, thermal, and electrical influences. Smart Glass has two broad categories: passive and active. The passive subcategory includes thermochromic and photochromic. The active subcategory, includes electrochromic (EC), suspended particle devices (SPD), and polymer dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC).

Smart Glass Market Outlook

According to the latest report, over the next five years, the Smart Glass market will register a 19.2% CAGR in terms of revenue, the global market size will reach USD 9.76 billion by 2024, from USD 3.40 billion in 2019. 
Global Smart Glass Market Outlook (2018-2024) in USD Million
North America controls the largest production market share of Smart Glass, with a production value nearly ~45-47%
U.S. smart glass market by technology

Top Companies:


The company offers a wide range of smart glasses such as PRIVA-LITE®, which turns opaque on demand when switched on, and the variable-tint SageGlass® solutions, provided mainly for façade projects. PRIVA-LITE® is an electronically controlled switchable glass. With just one click you can change an opaque glass wall into a transparent glass pane. PRIVA-LITE® is an active glass which, under the effect of an electric current, switches from translucent to transparent with no alteration of light transmission. Light transmission is almost identical in the transparent and translucent states. SageGlass® is a dynamic glass that tints electronically allowing building occupants to choose the best level of natural light for their comfort, year-round. In 2010, Saint-Gobain, invested USD 80 million in SageGlass® and by 2012 Saint-Gobain acquired 100% of SageGlass®, making it a wholly owned subsidiary and a key part of smart glass product strategy.

2.View Inc.

View manufactures View Dynamic Glass, a new generation of dynamic glass windows and commercial and residential infrastructures. View’s path-breaking product “dynamic” glass windows can change their tint to let in the right amount of natural light without obstructing views. This innovation results in healthier and happier occupants, while saving a significant amount of energy in a typical commercial installation, annual HVAC and lighting energy consumption, is reduced by 20 percent, while HVAC peak load is reduced by 25 percent. View’s windows are digital, connected, and can be controlled from anywhere, including your smartphone – no blinds or shades required. In November 2018, View received one of the biggest VC investment — USD 1.1 billion from SoftBank Vision Fund.

3.Corning Inc.

The Gorilla glass leader Corning offers switchable panels for Cars which are electronically controlled opacity film between the layers of glass to tint car windows (allowing the windows to go from clear to frosted) at the push of a button. Not only that, by pinching, or tapping, car’s windows can light up to match personal digital lifestyle. The display would help to gauge car battery or fuel level, weather forecast, and even display entertainment programs.

4.Gentex Corporation

Gentex Corporation designs and manufactures automatic-dimming rear-view and non-dimming mirrors and electronics for the automotive industry, dimmable aircraft windows for the aviation industry. The creator of the electrochromic mirror is working to apply that technology to every surface under (and including) the roof. By expanding the size, speed and location of dimmable devices, their electrochromic tech is reinventing comfort, convenience, and styling in new, ambitious ways. The dimming glasses are the largest business segment of the company which includes interior and exterior automatic-dimming automotive rear-view mirrors that utilize proprietary electrochromic technology to dim in proportion to the amount of headlight glare from trailing vehicle headlamps.

5.Asahi Glass

AGC Group increases its stake in smart-tinting glass developer Kinestral Technologies, the developer of Halio™, the world's most responsive smart-tinting glass. The product is believed to be the most advanced solution for management of natural lighting levels thanks to glass that switches electrically from clear to dark. The AGC Group led the 65 million US dollars raised in the C-series equity funding round aimed at launching Halio into the global marketplace. AGC’s reputation in the building industry and 100+ years of experience in glass technologies and Kinestral’s innovative patented smart-tinting technologies has projected AGC as a prominent player in the smart glass industry.


Polytronix manufacture Polyvision® film and smart glass products, which are Switchable Privacy Glass based on smart glass technology and demands since 1986. Polyvision® is an innovative product that offers unique functionality for a variety of creative interior and exterior applications. It is an opaque white smart film, laminated between glass, which can be changed instantly into a clear glass window. Polyvision® Glass has been installed in more than 85 countries. Polytronix manufactured these glasses in the company’s Richardson, Texas 100,000 square foot facility, The largest film was manufactured by the company in 2012.

7.Vision Systems

Vision Systems manufactures Electronically Dimmable Windows (EDWs) and other products. The film used in Vision Systems’ EDWs, invented and patented by Research Frontiers, is the core component in SPD-SmartGlass systems – allowing users to instantly, precisely and uniformly control the shading of glass or plastic, either manually or automatically. In 2010, Research Frontiers Inc. and Vision Systems came together to bring the best experience possible to passengers on aircraft. The joint effort was supported by Hitachi Chemical and Gauzy and able to produce SPD-Smart light-control film used in Vision Systems’ electronically dimmable windows (EDWs).
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