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Top Ready Meals Companies in Taiwan

Taiwan is a major consumer market for Ready Meals. According to our analysis, the Taiwanese ready meals market size in 2018 was valued at USD 1.51 billion which is growing about 5.03% of CAGR and will reach USD 1.93 billion in 2023.

Leading Ready Meals Companies in Taiwan:

  1. President Chain Store Corporation (PCSC) 
  2. Taiwan Family Mart Co Ltd. 
  3. McCain Foods (Taiwan) Ltd.
  4. Hi-Life International Co Ltd.
  5. I-Mei Foods Co., Ltd.
  6. Uni-President Enterprises Corp.
  7. Laurel Enterprises Corp.
Leading Ready Meals Companies in Taiwan
Asia-Pacific Ready-to-Eat Food Market Report

The Report covers major markets including China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, India, and Australia. More countries can be covered on request.


Top Ready Meals Companies in Taiwan:

1.President Chain Store Corporation (PCSC)

President Chain Store Corporation (PCSC) of Uni-president Group comprises mainly 7-ELEVEN and roughly 40 other vertically and horizontally affiliated chain businesses with over 30,000 employees. The Company operates regular chain convenience stores named 7-ELEVEN, which deal with soft drinks products, food (ready meals) and magazines, as well as stores named CITY CAFE, which deal with coffee products. In addition, the Company also provides logistics services, bill collection services, all-in-one printing services, electronic purse card systems and others. As of the end of 2018, PCSC operates a total of 9,300 stores. Overseas, the store number of 7-ELEVEN Philippines has reached 2,500 stores. The Revenue for PCSC in 2018 was 154,074,731 (NT$1,000).

2.Taiwan Family Mart Co Ltd.

Taiwan Family Mart co. Ltd. Was established in August 1988. Family Mart Co., a Japanese convenience store franchise chain. Family Mart has around 23,820 stores in Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia. In terms of a number of stores, it ranks at the second position in Japan after 7-Eleven. FamilyMart UNY Holdings, Ltd. Is the parent company of Family Mart, which also owns supermarket chain Uny. During the ten years after 1997, FamilyMart opened 500 stores in Taiwan. Upon entering the fast growth period, FamilyMart sped up store expansion, opening 500 stores entry 3 years. FamilyMart was listed company in 2002. Its capital is NTD$2.23 billion now. FamilyMart expanded its business by merging 157 stores of Nkomart in 2007, also the 1st merger case in the industry. 

3.McCain Foods (Taiwan) Ltd.

McCain Foods Co., Ltd. is a multinational private company dedicated to the frozen food industry and the world's largest frozen company. McCain is leading manufacturer of French fries and appetizers has a footprint spanning more than 110 countries worldwide. McCain Foods (Taiwan) Ltd. is a subsidiary. Major products of McCann are: 3/8" LF crispy fries, Mackenzie Love Series 3/8 with French Fries, McCain onion ring and others.

4.Hi-Life International Co Ltd.

Hi-Life Internationa is the first convenience store operated by the Chinese people. It was established in the Republic of China in 1979. For more than a decade, company has adopted the business philosophy of “local customs-world view". In 2018, company had made investment of more than 100 million yuan in the “Fresh Food Research and Development Center”, built in the Guangquan Dayuan Factory to strengthen the research and development of food, safety and traceability management.

5.I-Mei Foods Co., Ltd.

I-Mei Foods Co., Ltd. is a major Taiwanese company established in 1934, which specializes in manufacturing, distributing, exporting, and importing food products. Having been established for more than 70 years, the company has been recognized as one of the biggest food companies in Taiwan, and has also exported its products outside its domestic market. I-Mei operates around 100 I-Mei stores all over the island, which carry both I-Mei and other brands. Fu-Mei Co., Ltd. is I-Mei's trading arm, which is the agency to represent internationally renowned brands in Taiwan. I-MEI Foods Co., Ltd. Main products are bakery, confectionery, frozen food, prepared food and their main export market are: Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States.

6.Uni-President Enterprises Corp.

Uni-President Enterprises Corporation is an international food conglomerate which is based in Tainan, Taiwan. Being one of the largest companies in food production in Taiwan as well as Asia, it has a substantial market share in dairy product, foods and snacks, instant noodles and beverages markets. It is also responsible for running Starbucks, 7-Eleven, Mister Donut and Carrefour in Taiwan. In addition, Uni-President also has subsidiaries in Mainland China and Thailand. Net sales for Uni-President reached NT$38.9 billion, 0.9% decrease over last year, net profits after taxes reached NT$17.4 billion and consolidated net sales achieved NT$431.4 billion. For 2019 the company has made projection to increase the domestic sales as follows: 212 thousand tons of provision goods, 17.48 million boxes of instant noodle, 49.72 million boxes of beverages, 274 thousand tons of dairy products, 27 thousand tons of soy sauce, 198 million bags of baking products, and a total of 50 thousand tons of frozen foods, meat products, and health supplements.TO achieve the targeted sales the company will preserve price order and freshly made policy, demand progression as the key performance indicator and value as company’s only management approach to pursue continuous succession and eternal progression.

7.Laurel Enterprises Corp.

Laurel Enterprises Corp. is an enterprise in Taiwan, with the main office in Taipei The Company's line of business includes the manufacturing of frozen food specialties. Laurel has developed a series of soups not just delicious, but also adequate protein and dietary fiber equal to one complete meal. The company was established on August, 1970. Newsletter Subscription

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