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Top Baby Food Manufacturers in Japan

Top Baby Food Manufacturers in Japan
In Japan, local baby food manufacturers like Meiji, Wakodo, Morinaga Milk, Kewpie, Pigeon and Snow Brand Beanstalk have dominated the market. Japan's imports for baby food stands negligible, but exports have increased strongly since 2013.

Leading Baby Food Companies in Japan

  1. Asahi Group Foods Ltd.
  2. Meiji Holdings Company, Ltd.
  3. Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd. 
  4. BeanStalk Snow Co., Ltd.
  5. Kewpie Corporation 
  6. Pigeon Corporation 
  7. ICREO Co. Ltd.
top baby food companies in japan
The decline in the number of new-born babies caused an increase in the proportion of old people in the population. As a result, baby food manufacturers have been shifting their focus on product development from children to adults across a varied range of products. According to Bloomberg the number of children born in 2018 was at almost 920,000, slumped from about 2.7 million in the late 1940s, data released Friday by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare showed. This ongoing trend has a direct impact on the baby food market in Japan which is set to decline by 0.20 CAGR by 2023, and market value is to decline USD 980 million to USD 970 million. 
japan baby food market forecast
Baby Food Market Research

Identify the market potential of the baby food segment and explore further opportunities based on detailed value and volume analysis.


Top Baby Food Companies in Japan

1. Asahi Group Foods Ltd.

Asahi Group Foods started its operations in January 2016, taking over the business of three companies under Asahi Group Holdings, namely Amano Foods, Wakodo, and Asahi Foods & Healthcare. The company offers diverse foods from mint tablets to baby foods and freeze-dried foods, tailored to different lifestyles worldwide. Asahi has been selling baby foods for 16 consecutive years in Japan by sales. Baby food is available in the ready-to-eat cup and in a ready-to-eat pouch.

2, Meiji Holdings Co Ltd.

Meiji Holdings Company, a Japanese holding company established on April 1, 2009, after the stock transfer from Meiji Seika and Meiji Dairies and is one of the largest confectionery company in the world. They have diverse product category ranging from drinking milk, beauty product to infant formula etc. Their first infant formula was released in 1923, which was followed in 1951 by Soft Curd Meiji Infant Formula. This formula can be used as both a supplement and replacement for breast milk through a baby’s first year. They are also aiming to add convenience to feed children thus they launched the world’s first infant formula in tablet form, Meiji Hohoemi Raku Raku Cube. Meiji makes feeding time easier than ever by greatly reducing the chance of spilled powder.

3. Morinaga Milk Industry Co Ltd.

Morinaga Milk Industry Co., a milk products and sweets company in Tokyo, Japan, in operation since September 1, 1917. Their products include milk products, drinks, candy, confectioneries, and infant formula. The company delivers infant formula, a segment in which they have been active since their foundation in 1917, as well as various baby foods like Morinaga E-Akachan, Morinaga Hagukumi, Morinaga Chil-mil, Vegetable Jelly, and KODOMIL.

4. Bean Stalk Snow Co Ltd.

The BeanStalk Series was produced based on the desire to help children grow up healthy, and is a comprehensive brand for infants and young children.

5. Kewpie Corp.

Kewpie Corporation was established in 1919 is engaged in manufacturing, wholesaling, transportation and warehousing of food products. The Company's segments include Condiments products, Egg products, Delicatessen products, Processed foods, Fine chemical products, Distribution system and Common business operations. Under Condiments and Processed Foods Business, they include meat sauce and other ready-prepared foods, baby foods catering to babies as they grew, and nursing care foods that are easy to eat for people whose ability to chew and swallow had declined. It is also the core business of Kewpie’s, which has a total share of 32.1% in FY 2018.

6. Pigeon Corporation

Pigeon Corporation was established in 1957. It is mainly engaged in the manufacture, purchase, and sale of childcare and nursing products. Along with its subsidiaries, PIGEON is active in six business segments viz. Breastfeeding-related products, Weaning-related products, Skincare products, Women’s care products, Other products for babies and mothers and Large-sized products for babies.

7. Icreo Co Ltd.

ICREO Co. Ltd. offers and develops nutritional products for infants. The Company manufactures and provides infant formulas, infant nutritional products, and health foods. ICREO also sells cosmetics. Icreo was founded in 1957, parent company being Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd. Newsletter Subscription

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