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Top 10 OSAT Companies in World

Top 10 OSAT Companies in World
Global OSAT (Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test) market is largely dominated by ASE Technology Holding Co. Ltd., Amkor Technology, JCET (STATS ChipPAC), SPIL, Powertech Technology Inc, and others.
Based on the overall revenue the World's top OSAT companies are:
  1. ASE Technology Holding Co., Ltd.: US$ 11.87 Billion
  2. Amkor Technology: US$ 4.31 Billion
  3. JCET (STATS ChipPAC): US$ 3.97 Billion
  4. SPIL: US$ 2.79 Billion
  5. Powertech Technology Inc.: US$ 2.17 Billion
  6. TongFu Microelectronics Co., Ltd.: US$ 1.07 Billion
  7. Tianshui Huatian Technology Co.,Ltd: US$ 1.065 Billion
  8. UTAC Holdings Ltd and its subsidiaries (“UTAC”): US$ 0.78 Billion
  9. King Yuan Electronics CO., Ltd.: US$ 0.66 Billion
  10. ChipMOS Technologies Inc.: US$ 0.603 Billion
Top 10 OSAT Companies in World
As new technologies such as three-dimensional (3D) stacking of integrated circuits and others are introduced, the complexity of chip-package interaction is going up significantly and it is increasingly difficult for foundries to deliver end-to-end solutions that meet the requirements of the broad range of leading-edge designs. 
To deal with this situation a ‘subcontract’ assembly method is employed known as OSAT. OSAT provides third-party IC-packaging and test services. The OSATs are merchant vendors of IDMs and foundries who have internal packaging operations which can be outsourced to a certain percentage of their IC-packaging production to the OSATs. The fabless companies also taking the same route and outsource their packaging to the OSATs and/or foundries.
OSAT helps to meet overflow capacity when upside demand could not be met through internal manufacturing, OSAT enables the supply chain to better meet diverse requirements and deliver robust and reliable solutions to common customers. Semiconductor companies cut their packaging prices by 2% to 5% every year by outsourcing to OSATs. 
With the convergence of voice, video and data functions into a single platform, semiconductor manufacturers are relying on OSAT companies to boost their ability to achieve these new levels of functionality by pushing integration technology to new levels. 
According to Gartner, the combined IC-packaging and test service market, which includes OSATs, foundries, and IDMs, is projected to reach $53.3 billion in 2017. Yole Development forecasts, in 2019, the IC packaging market, which includes all technologies, is projected to reach $68 billion in terms of revenues, up 3.5% over 2018.
Obviously, the forecasts could change year on year amid uncertainty in the economic climate. What hasn’t changed is that the OSAT market is a tough and competitive business with lower margins. Customers.

1. ASE Technology Holding Co., Ltd.

Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc., also known as ASE Group, is a market leader, headquartered in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Company is a provider of independent semiconductor assembling and test manufacturing services. Net revenues for the full year of 2018 amounted to NT$371,092 million (USD 11.87 billion), up by 28% from 2017. The revenue contribution from packaging operations, testing operations, EMS operations and others, each represented approximately 48%, 10%, 41% and 1%, respectively, of total net revenues for the year.

2. Amkor Technology

Amkor is one of the world’s leading providers of outsourced semiconductor packaging and test services, headquartered in Tempe, Arizona. Amkor has factories in China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Portugal and Taiwan. Amkor acquired J-Devices Corp., the largest OSAT provider in Japan in 2016. Amkor's IDM customers include Intel Corporation; Renesas Electronics Corporation; STMicroelectronics N.V.; Texas Instruments Incorporated and Toshiba Corporation. Amkor's net sales increased USD 109.4 million or 2.6% to USD 4,316.5 million in 2018 from USD 4,207.0 million in 2017. The increase was reported due to better sales in the communications, computing and automotive end markets.


STATS ChipPAC is wholly owned by China based, Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. (JCET). JCET is engaged in the testing and distribution of integrated circuits and discrete devices, and chip design and manufacture of discrete devices. JCET estimated revenues for the full year 2018 of USD 3.97 billion. This was 12.46% above the prior year's results.

4. Siliconware Precision Industries

Siliconware Precision Industries (SPIL) is a semiconductor packaging and testing services company, based in Taichung, Taiwan. On a consolidated basis, the Company’s 2018 full-year sales revenue were NT$ 87,417 million (USD 2.79 billion), representing 4.6% sequential growth compared with the same period of the year 2017. The manufacturing services company offers are customized to the needs of individual customers. In 2017, 84.8% of our net operating revenues were generated from packaging services and 14.3% of net operating revenues were generated from testing.

5. Powertech Technology Inc.

Powertech Technology Inc. is a Taiwanese semiconductor assembly, packaging, and testing company. Major services of the company are Chip Probing, Bumping, WLP, Packaging, Final Test, and Module Assembly. Company’s estimated revenues for the full year 2018 was NT$68.03 billion (USD 2.17 billion) This was 14.21% above the prior year's results NT$59.63 (USD 1.9 billion).

6. TongFu Microelectronics Co., Ltd.

Tongfu Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (TFME) is a corporation specializing in IC assembling and testing and is China top three IC Package and Test Enterprise. The company has 2 major shareholders. One is Nantong Huada Microelectronics Group Ltd. (holding 31.25%) and the other is Fujitsu (China) Limited (holding 21.38%). Through a series of acquisition, TFME has become the local semiconductor industry leader of China IC Package and Test Industry. Currently, over 10,000 employees are associated with the company. TFME 's estimated revenues for the full year 2018 was CNY 6.51 billion. This was 11.46% above the prior year's results CNY 7.22 billion.

7. Tianshui Huatian Technology Co., Ltd

Tianshui Huatian Technology Co., LTD which is also known as TSHT is headquartered in China. TSHT is one of the major IC packaging and test enterprises in China, and the only one listed company of Western China in the packaging industry. The Company's IC packaging and testing products consist of dual in-line package (DIP) series, small out-line package (SOP) series, shrink small out-line package (SSOP) series, quad flat package (QFP) series, and small out-line transistor (SOT) series products, among others. Company's estimated revenues for the full year 2018 was CNY 7.11 billion. This was 1.46% above the prior year's results.

8. UTAC Holdings Ltd and its subsidiaries (“UTAC”)

United Test and Assembly Center Ltd (UTAC) is one of the largest providers of test and assembly services, ias based in Singapore. The services are offered for a wide range of semiconductor devices, including memory, mixed-signal/RF and logic integrated circuits. In 2018, company’s top ten customers by revenue were Analog Devices International, Broadcom, Formosa Advanced Technologies, Maxim Integrated, Microchip Technology, ON Semiconductor, Panasonic, STMicroelectronics, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company and Texas Instruments. In 2018, the company's sales decreased to $788.3 million compared to sales of $874.4 million in 2017. In 2018, analog, mixed-signal and logic, memory, others, and liquidated damages categories accounted for 48.8%, 33.6%, 8.1%, 7.6% and 2.0% of our sales, respectively.

9. King Yuan Electronics CO., Ltd.

King Yuan Electronics Corp. (KYEC) is one of the largest professional tester of back-end integrated circuit (IC) packaging and conducts testing for the semiconductor industry worldwide. The provided testing services include wafer probing (approximately 43%), final testing (approximately 50%), and preassembly services (approximately 7%). Company’s estimated revenues for the full year 2018 was NT$20.8 billion. This was 6.45% above the prior year's results NT$19.6 billion.

10. ChipMOS Technologies Inc.

ChipMOS TECHNOLOGIES INC. ("ChipMOS") is one of the world’s largest semiconductor services companies, offers a full range of back-end testing services for liquid crystal display (LCD) drivers, high-density memory, and mixed-signal semiconductors. Company's revenue for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2018, was NT$18,480.0 million or USD 603.8 million, an increase of 3.0% from NT$17,940.8 million or USD 586.1 million for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2017.
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